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All About Azul Roofing & Construction LLC

Professionalism. Excellence. Experienced.


Azul Roofing & Construction LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business which participates in the Federal Contracting program (WOSB Certified), Vendor for the State of Texas and Vendor for the GSA. Pamela Garza CEO and Operator has dedicated her life to aiming to achieve nothing less than the best in customer service and effective response. With over 10,000 field hours of disaster on the field from tornado, hurricane, hail, and flood as well as flood rescue of over 140 hours. She understands the need and will work tirelessly to ensure each valuable customer gets the service they need. She gives her 100%! Ms. Garza is a proud Alumni of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley as she completed her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology as well as her Master's (M.A.) in Disaster Studies. 

"We never pray for a disaster to occur, we pray to be ahead and to ensure all properties are restored and protected." - Pamela Lynn Garza

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